Sunday, 1 November 2009

Lil' pumpkins

My 2 little pumpkins and I have been sick with colds and coughs this week....lil' Megan my 2 year old kept getting a temperature and didn't eat a thing for 4 days just drank milk poor lil' honey....we are on the mend now and back to school tomorrow :( that didn't stop us enjoying the festivities!! We had NO trick-or-treaters last night...NONE, I just wanted my little girls to see just one! 2 years ago when we lived in London, we had loads but since moving here we don't get any. Well we had one the first year we moved here so I gave them all the treats and they were like "this is awesome"! So we now have a big bowl of treats sat by the front door.....I'll probably take them to the nursery or school before I eat them myself! Hubby bought a huge box of Krispy Screams home last we all had a feast on them!!! Anyway here are the last of my Halloween cards!! Pictures taken at night so excuse the photography.

Getting really excited now as Christmas is my favourite time of year!!!
Hugs to you all,
Bonnie :) x

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  1. Awww hope you're little pumpkins are feeling better (I hate it when my babies are poorly) - fantastic Halloween projects hun :) I'm so excited about Xmas you wouldn't believe, just so snowed under at the moment with preparations!! Hugs, Steph x



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