Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Sweet Snowballs

Mmmm I love these Cadbury Snowballs...well actually they're called Snow Bites...they are yum! M&S do them too which are just as nice and Lindt make them but I haven't tried those yet! My daughters love these....in fact they love anything with chocolate in...like their Mama!!

I used one of Regina's amazing templates and tags...these are so easy to use and Regina has so many wonderful designs go take a lookie! I couldn't resist Heather's gorgeous paper from her kit Reindeer Games...one of my favourites and sooooo cute!

Template & Tag - The Cutting Cafe': Christmas
Papers -Heather Ann Designs, Inc.

Had a lovely Saturday, my SIL came over for lunch with the triplets as my brother was working, then on Sunday we went over to them and went to a carvery for roast...we found a cute little sweet shop when we were out but it was closed :( I love sweet shops!! Then my little one Megan had a tummy bug and was sick all through Sunday night and Monday poor lil' sweetie. She had a temperature last night but slept through and today she said she a tummy ache but seems to be back to her little self again jumping on my bed singing 'Ring 'o' ring of roses...yep she's better!!! My sweet friend Caroline ;) *wink* came to my rescue and took my 5 year old Molly to and from school yesterday and today.

Alrighty I'm off to do some washing...it's been neverending these last few days!!

((((Hugs)))) to you all ;) x


  1. this is truly amazing, adorable...love it so much....

  2. This is soooo sweet! (Literally! LOL!)

  3. These are so cute and would make great small gifts. Love the pink, too!



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