Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Princess Notebook

Hi everyone.....had a crazy birthday weekend cramming in lots and eating lots of CAKE..YUM!!! My Mummy was here and when she comes she always looks after me and organizes me....I cannot seem to do those things by myself and she helped me lots! We went shopping as we always do and it was really lovely. My mum lives far away from me so I don't get to see her as often as I would like. but when she's here we make it special.

I prettied up this little notebook with some gorgeous princess papers from my sweet friend Katrina....I'm not sure where they are from but I love them sooo much! I've been saving the papers for something special and this little book was made for my Sister-in-Law to be Claire who is getting married to my Brother in September....I cannot wait!!!! She has lots of lists at the moment leading upto the wedding so I thought this would be handy for her.Have a great is beautiful here in the UK at the moment so I'm making the most of it!!

Sweet hugs to you all,

Bonnie xx

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Birthday Fun!!!

Hi everyone!! Well I must have brought some of that Florida weather back to the UK as it's been glorious since I got home! I still haven't unpacked everything but my laundry is now under house is still not in order though, in actual fact it looks like we've been messy, I'm trying to get it all sorted as my mum is coming to visit for my birthday and my Brother's triplets 2nd birthday party on it's all go!!!!
Last night I did abit of crafting and now I can't see my!!! I have a few friends birthday's coming up and I bought this gorgeous butterfly necklace for one of them and just had to pretty up a little box to put it in.


  • Papers - from digital stash
  • Flowers - K&Co Lucy loved friends
  • Punches - Martha Stewart
  • Sentiment Stickers - K&Co

Monday, 21 June 2010


Hi guys, I'm back from sunny Florida...OMG it was hot!!! Disneyworld is sooo magical and each time I go I love it even more! My girls loved every minute of it and were real daredevils when it came to the rollercoasters ;) Magic Kingdom is my favourite of all the parks and I managed to squeeze lots of shopping in.

Anyway I'm at home now with a ton of laundry to's the size of a mountain! We left the house nice and clean when we left but it looks trashed now that we are home with all the cases emptied! We had little food in the house and opted for Pizza Hut to deliver our tea last night! I had stuff in the freezer but was so knackered. The girls are not jetlagged but I am!

I cannot wait to get crafting goodness I have missed you all and cannot wait to catch up with everyone.

I couldn't resist this new file Huge Cupcake over at the Cutting Cafe' and had to create with it. Hope you like it, I think I went abit overboard on the glitter though!!

Well I have just under 1 hour now to do a few chores then go pick up Megan from nursery. It's a glorious day here in the UK...nice to come home to warm weather!

Have a great day folks,

Love and sweet hugs,

Bonnie xx

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Mickey Mouse here we come!

Yes we are on Disneyworld, Florida! Ok this post is scheduled to post whilst I'm on holiday in Florida so I'm hoping it reaches you well and's the first time I've done a scheduled post.....ha!!

I cannot believe it's been over a week since I last blogged...this week has been hectic getting ready for our holiday....organising and packing, I get excited that I'm going but really dislike having to think of what to take for everyone! I love lists and have to have them....they are everywhere though! My girls are so excited and cannot decide which princess dresses to take...they like to walk around the parks in sweet. My DH is only taking 2 tees and swimmers...everything else he's buying there...he was the easy one! I have to say I am looking forward to the shopping even though the exchange rates are not as great as they have been on past trips but I just love everything in America...the people, the food, the shopping and of course Disney....sooo magical and I am like a big kid! My mum is half American, perhaps that's why I love it so much...maybe I feel a connection there but my DH also loves it. My mum was adopted at birth, her father was American and her mother English.

Anyway I have been's a card I did in between packing!!! Lighting wasn't great as weather is grey and raining here in the UK.
I'll catch you all when I return.

Sweet hugs,

Bonnie xx


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