Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Summer Spring/Cleaning!!

Hey sweeties! My little girls have both been sick :( Megan my 3 year old caught something on the last couple of days of nursery last week, some kind of sickness bug and last night Molly had it!! So today I have been cleaning/scrubbing disinfecting the house making it all sparkly, I wish I had a wand like on Wizards of Waverly place...my girls love that program!!! While I was at it, I had a big clearout of Molly's bedroom, she is a hoarder so we got ruthless!! I bought her a lovely new duvet cover with cupcakes on...she loves cupcakes like her mama! I still have a ton to do but I am getting there and even though I'm knackered, it feels good to clean!

I made this sweet friends card last night...I'm lovin the colours...the sweet papers are by one of my absolute favourite designers ZOE PEARN and this paper is from Alphabet Soup line....soooo adorably cute!!
Have a great day lovelies, I'm off to do more cleaning!

Sweet hugs and thank you to everyone for all the sweet comments you leave me...they mean so very much!



  1. I'm sorry to hear your little ones have been poorly, I do hope theyre better soon.
    Beautiful card and I love the colours.
    Take Care Hun - Ju xxxx

  2. Hugs to Megan & Molly (love those names!) & hope they feel better soon! There's nothing I enjoy more than clearing stuff out (the cleaning not so much lol) - I feel so much better afterwards (it's the OCD I think!) Absolutely gorgeous card - those colours are stunning! Hugs, Steph xxx p.s. trust you to recognise Jasmine's outfit from Florida lol

  3. Oh this card is so pretty. I LOVE the paper you used. Sorry your girls have been sick. It's no fun when the little ones aren't feeling well!

  4. Wow! What a neat card, I especially like that pink ribbon. Hope your kids get better soon!

  5. Trusting your little ones are better by now...I've been a bad blogger. I love these colors..so fresh and happy!



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