Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Teacher Treats

Hi everyone....my girls went back to school/nursery yesterday and it was so quiet at home but I had a ton of errands to do and catch up on some things...when I finished, I made these little treats for my daughter Molly to give to her new teacher and Assistant! She had a good first day back and her teacher is really sweet....both my girls were tired when they got home and didn't move from the sofa! These yummy treats are using Regina's All about school set which I love! EDIT: Regina asked what was in the bag....I forgot to say, they are Fox's Glacier Fruits (boiled fruit sweets)!! x

We took Molly and Megan and our Niece Lily to Legoland at the end of the holidays and the heavens opened as we arrived so we stood under a tree and contemplated going home as it looked like it was there to stay and we couldn't see a patch of blue sky but the sun came out after 20 minutes and was glorious for the rest of the day!!! We all had fun and stayed there for tea so we didn't get home until 9.30 p.m!! I took my Niece home after having her for 2 weeks :( she lives a couple of hours away and we try and have her here in the holidays she loves to come here and she loves to craft :) I miss her :(

Well I'm home with my little one today and she is demanding food...so I best get off here!!!

Catch you all soon with some exciting news!!!

Sweet hugs,

Bonnie xx


  1. Hi Bonnie, oh my an empty house when the kiddos are at school....oooola lala...these teacher treats are so darn yummy....love the way you used the ribbon..so whats in the bag?

  2. What a fabulous idea Bonnie. I love what you did with All About School Bingo set! The teachers are sure to love them.

  3. These are so sweet.... I bet they loved them!



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