Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Pretty Notes

Hey little girl Molly is 6 and she loves writing notes and has little bits of paper everywhere with her sweet notes and messages on, she leaves them on my pillow at night for me and her daddy to find when we go to bed, she's such a sweetie. I made these cute little notes pads for her using cut up A4 sheets folded in half and stapled with a pretty paper on the outside and she keeps them in her bedside table.....these were a huge hit so I will definately be making her more!!
Have a great day!

Sweet hugs,

Bonnie xoxox


  1. How cute and what a fabulous idea! I'll have to make something like this for my six year old grandson! Thanks for the inspiration, Bonnie!

  2. How cute that she leaves you notes at such a young are what you teach them and you must have taught her well. Great note cards!

  3. What a great idea!!!! They look so pretty and Molly will put them to good use. May have to steal the idea for my little scribblers :)



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